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How To Survive Chemical And Biological Attacks On American Soil

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Why the threats are real and what you can do to protect your family in the event of the unthinkable.

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Every day more illegal aliens are crossing our porous southern border, and not all of these are poor, humble Mexicans looking for a job painting or cutting grass. According to experts, some of the hundreds of people who cross our southern border every day are Islamic foot soldiers in Satan's army and now walk amongst us, waiting for their order to launch what will be the end of the United States as we know it.

Let me explain:

Although President Obama is spending more money than any President before him (and adding more to the national debt than all previous Presidents combined!1), there isn't a single penny in the budget for the kind of civil defense training that might actually save American lives in the event of what experts now say is both an imminent attack and could prove to be worse than a nuclear attack: a deadly chemical or biological assault.

Ironically, while Obama is expanding our military role overseas, senior intelligence officials are letting it leak that al Qaeda is virtually certain to attack us here at home... and with far more devastation than two fuel-laden airliners could ever cause.

Intelligence sources from around the world have already demonstrated that al Qaeda is desperate for another spectacular attack that would change the world forever. They know, better than most Americans, just how fragile our society truly is and recognize that a catastrophic attack on our population could bring the country to its knees.

"The risk of an attack which would devastate our country is greater than ever while the bureaucrats acknowledge they have virtually no obligation to protect the citizens."

If you grew up in the same kind of home I did, you were probably taught to trust and respect law enforcement and the military. Many of them are dedicated, hard working servants, but the unpopular truth is that the military is bogged down in an unwinnable war where no previous empire has ever succeeded and the cops at home are relegated mostly to crime scene investigations.

Are Police Protecting You?

Let's be honest, cops on the streets rarely prevent crimes. With the rise in assaults, violent crime, and home burglaries, the police force is relegated mostly to crime scene investigations.

Let's be honest... cops on the streets rarely prevent crimes. Sure, they write lots of speeding tickets and setup road blocks to check IDs and look for DUIs, but the rise of assaults, violent crime and home burglaries are on the rise as the economy worsens and criminals become even more desperate. Remember that old lady who called 911 when a drug-crazed criminal was breaking through the front door and the best advice the operator could give her was to ‘go ahead and shoot him'? She did, and by the time the cops arrived the danger was past.

I don't want you to think I'm an old hippie or an anarchist; I'm a simple Christian Patriot with a realistic view of the world. Even with all of our technology and the virtual omnipotence of the government barely more than half of all crimes lead to a conviction, and in some cases, the numbers are as low as 1 in 7 crimes resulting in a conviction.

We can no longer afford the humble trust our grandparents had in government officials because, let's face it, we're living in a very different time and in a country which has broken loose of its moorings. Our constitution was put in place by a God-fearing people for a God-fearing people and know neither our rulers, nor the masses, embrace a worldview centered on Christ. This fact has escaped most of us for a generation, and as we race headlong into an inevitable collapse, possibly preceded by a terrorist attack, most remain woefully unprepared.

Worse, our rulers don't seem care. They already have taxpayer-funded emergency escape and evasion plans that will whisk them out of harm's way into the safety of an undisclosed location; Congress has a facility in West Virginia, the President in northern Virginia, senior military officials in a mountain in southern Pennsylvania.2 That they have provided for themselves shouldn't be a surprise... the question is whether you have done the same.

Keep in mind that a terrorist attack using chemical or biological weapons wouldn't require the extensive planning, million dollar funding or sophisticated training like the 9/11 operation... and therefore might not be picked up by the billion dollar Intel operations listening to every phone call and reading every key stroke on the internet.

"One terrorist with a few aerosol cans could infect an entire convention center, arena or sports stadium with biological agents powerful enough to kill tens of millions of Americans."

Biological weapons are hidden dangers

A previous generation worried about the threat of nuclear war from the Soviet Union, but unfortunately the threat today is greater than ever before; while the Politburo may have had to weigh the threat of ‘Mutually Assured Destruction', the new enemy doesn't care how many innocents are slaughtered, because the change they want to bring about is intentionally designed to kill as many people as possible and drag a fearful, cowering population back to the dark days of the 7th century, when Mohammed's legions raped and pillaged the known world.

You know the effort that our government has put to secure the airlines after the 9/11 attacks, the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber... but what about the southern border, which despite decades of talk the government still refuses to secure. How many people cross every day with backpacks and suitcases... more than enough to covertly transport lethal biological weapons that could wipe out our nation's population?

"An 'Army of One', the slogan the
terrorists have taken to heart"

The US Army used to motivate prospective recruits with the promise that soldiers would be so well-trained they could be an Army of One, but it's the terrorists who have really mastered this tactic, because their battle units do exist solely of one man (or woman) on a suicidal mission to exterminate civilians. They know they can't beat our armies on the battle field, so they mingle among us, waiting for the best time to strike. If the mission fails, only one person is lost, but if it succeeds, then hundreds or thousands may be dead and millions more will live in fear of what the next bus or subway ride or trip to the mall may result in.

In short, the terrorists have a win-win: if they murder even one innocent person, they have succeeded, and if the plan fails but we expend billions of dollars, alter our lifestyles and sacrifice liberty in the name of security, they have won. They will merely change strategies that day and continue on with their jihad, laughing at how their 21st century guerilla warfare is bringing us to our knees.

chemical warfare

Our nation is wide open to a chemical or biological sneak attack, the likes of which will make Pearl Harbor and 9/11 pale in comparison.

The bottom line: Our nation is wide open to a chemical or biological sneak attack, the likes of which will make Pearl Harbor and 9/11 pale in comparison. To really get a sense of the danger we face we need to go back to the barbarian invasions of Rome when a debauched empire had become so corrupt and so overextended that it collapsed on itself.

We must accept the fact that we can no longer remain dependent on the government to provide for our defense. Just as so many Patriots are taking steps to establish a healthy, independent food source, we're going to have to think beyond the garden and provide for our actual survival in the likely event of a chemical or biological attack.

I'm pleased to tell you I've just read a book that should be on the shelf of every American home.

Bio-war Survival

This new book is titled, "Pale Horse: How to Survive a Chemical or Biological Attack", and is written by Christian Patriot and author Sam Adams. Mr. Adams explains in easy to understand ways:

It's almost as if they want such an attack to succeed, so that millions of Americans will respond in fear, anger and hate, undoubtedly turning over the last shred of sovereignty and self-governance to an all-powerful, unaccountable central government that will remake our society in the form of a totalitarian, atheist dictatorship. In fact, it's already happening.

I know this is all a little hard to bear. But the risks are so great, because a chemical or biological attack could prove far worse for our nation than a nuclear disaster.

In previous years, only a handful of large nation states had access to the technology to manufacture and deliver nuclear weapons, but with the proliferation of terrorist cells, financial support from terrorist states like Iran and North Korea, and the ability to bring about mass murder with insignificant amounts of chemical weapons, well, it's only a matter of time.

Imagine, for a moment, a realistic and yet nightmare scenario:

Within a week tens of thousands of people have died, many of whom were never on the subway but came into contact with someone who was.

Grand Central Station

In the end, millions of people could die because:

Meanwhile, the terrorists themselves have disappeared back into the population, perhaps taking a bus south into Mexico where there are absolutely no security procedures designed to catch fleeing enemies of the United States, and where officials are limited in what they could do even if they were so motivated.

The enemy could strike at the heart of the country and no one would even realize until it was too late.

In "Pale Horse: How to Survive a Chemical or Biological Attack", you'll learn:

And exactly how you should prepare so you will be able to respond with a clear and level head that will protect you and your loved ones from the panic and chaos that will ensue.

Whether you've got a Masters in Epidemiology or you're a high school student, you'll be able to quickly understand and prepare for the risks of a Chemical or Biological attack. The easy to understand and simple techniques to reduce your risk may save your life... and the lives of loved ones.

You'll also learn:

And more...

This is just a peek inside the covers of what has been called the ‘Must have manual for surviving the attack and the mass panic that will follow".

Just imagine life as usual a few months from now... and then you hear a mention on the nightly news of a strange illness afflicting people in the nation's capital. You don't think much of it because you live in a suburban town hundreds or thousands of miles away, until the CDC discovers that the illness is a biological agent that mutates quickly and is highly contagious.

Schools shut down across the country once it is discovered that a train carrying hundreds of educators to a continuing education conference are among those infected... and they have now returned to their home districts all over the country and begun infecting school administrators and teachers... and children whose immune systems are least able to combat the deadly disease.

If you're anything like me, you've probably been watching the signs already, and maybe taking some steps to prepare yourself for what appears to be a radical change in western culture and life. Unfortunately, no amount of food storage, backup water and power supplies or self-defense training can protect you from the malicious, deadly, invisible killers who use airlines not for physical destruction but for mass deployment around the globe... an invisible army of the deadliest soldiers known to man.

This is NOT your Father's
biowar survival handbook...

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What will you do if that scenario begins
tonight on the nightly news? Do you have an emergency medical plan to implement immediately? Do you know what to do, even if the hospitals are closed and no doctor is available?

Only a handful of people know these secrets to survival, and to be frank with you, I'm worried that at any moment the book will be banned and this website shut down and the secrets locked away forever. The only thing the ruling elite -and I don't care what party they're from- fear more than an actual attack is the loss of trust by the people. Once you've read this book and realize how devastating and imminent an attack is, you'll never trust a Washington politician (or their accomplices in big business) again.

You can get "Pale Horse" for immediate download for only $39.00 or you can get the hard copy manual sent to you by priority mail for only $49.00 plus $8.00 shipping and handling for a total of $56.00.

This information may save your life... and with your newfound knowledge you could be in a position to save the lives of others, so when the dust settles you can help rebuild your community, even our country.

$49.00 is nothing in the greater scheme of things... it's probably less than your cable or cell phone bill... but what you'll have in your hands is infinitely more valuable... the knowledge to handle a catastrophic emergency with confidence, as well as how to help others who may not be able to help themselves.

Best Deal: Make Money With This New Book!

Here's the absolute best deal: For only $297.00 you can actually own this book. What do I mean by that? Simply this: For only $297.00 you can purchase the rights to copy and or sell this book. You basically own it! You can then give away the book free to family members or everyone in your church or organization. Or if you need some extra income, you can sell the book online as an eBook, make hard copies and sell them at flea markets or whatever your mind can conceive. You only have to sell 8 books and you have your money back. That's it! After that, you keep what you sell. This offer could be an extremely profitable deal for the right person. In fact, it could be worth tens of thousands. (It took a year to produce this book. Can you imagine owning it for $297.00? Can you imagine having your own business for just $297.00?)

Islamic terrorists are working in their caves right now preparing to launch the most devastating attack on our country yet while most Americans are naively counting on the folks that gave us Cash for Clunkers to protect our families.

Each passing day we draw closer to a terrible disaster. Will you be ready?


Bill Heid

P.S.  Every year the government spends more money ‘fighting terrorists' and yet you never hear about a dime of that money being spent on civil defense. And those of us who are sounding the alarm are at risk of being silenced-or worse-for questioning the regime. We only need to study history to know where this is all headed... order today before it's too late!

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